Hello sweet friends!

We had a wonderful time this past weekend at our Pancake fundraiser, it was so nice to see so many friends and even a stranger or two! It helped bring us closer to our goal, and what we need to get to Rosie!

We are still about 4k short, and we’re hoping to travel in less than 5 weeks!!! It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time! We have just two fundraisers left, and we are praying we can raise what we need in this short time frame.

When my sweet friend showed me this fundraiser I just knew we had to do it! I think it’s really fun and different than what we’ve done in the past. If y’all remember, we did puzzles for the boys, and for a $5 donation, we wrote your name on the back. Now they each have a gorgeous puzzle with all the names of the people who have prayed and loved them home!

We’d LOVE for Rosie to have something similar, and I think doing a TAG her BAG will be such a beautiful visual reminder of all those who love her!

So, how does it work?


For a donation of ANY amount, we will write (tag) your name(s) on this bag in black marker. This is a piece of luggage we have for Rosie. It’s going to carry donations for her orphanage across the ocean, and then it will be a keepsake bag for her. We plan to fill it with special things for her, like keepsakes we plan to purchase for her in China while we are there. And just like the boys’ puzzle, it will serve as a visual reminder that she is loved by so many people.



As you can see, I wrote “Love Won” on the bag. This phrase has been on my heart the last few days as I think about what’s about to happen. Her birth country doesn’t value her life, simply because she’s been blessed with Down Syndrome. Her fate could have easily been life in an institution, or death. But God used His people to change her story, to write a different ending. LOVE WON.

I get chills just thinking about what God has done for us and for our darling Rosie. Our lives are forever changed and we are grateful beyond measure <3

Ok, so just to reiterate, a donation of ANY amount will get your name on her bag! Just click that donate button below, and enter the amount you want to give! Easy peasy! Just be sure to leave in the info box of your donation if there are any other names (kids names etc) that you want me to add!


***We know not everyone has the ability to donate, and if that is you, please email me and I will put your name on the bag without a donation***

This will run until Wednesday, November 25th @ midnight!

Thank you all so much for supporting our family, and helping us to bring our daughter home. We are grateful you’ve allowed God to use you for His glory, another of His precious children will have a family and it’s because of people like YOU! God Bless You!!!

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