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China Day 6 – Medical Appointment

As I suspected, we both felt better the next morning! We had to be up and out early to head to the Clinic for Rosie’s Medical exam that is required to get her Visa.

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We had breakfast and then took a taxi to meet the guide and other families. As soon as we got in the car, Rosie started to get nervous again. She slammed her head on my chest and passed out again. I knew it was going to take time for her to feel safe and secure.


We arrived at the Garden hotel, which was beautiful, and took a bus over to the clinic.


The appointment was pretty quick. I got to stay with her for all of it except the TB blood test. This is a required test, and they take the kids back alone to do the blood draw. She was back there for maybe 5 minutes, they opened the door and she came running out crying and jumped into my arms. This was the first time I had seen her cry. It was so pitiful!!! She let me comfort her quickly and was back to playing in no time! She did cry again when we went back for they physical exam and the doctor made her undress, I think she thought she was getting another poke! I was able to quickly explain it wouldn’t hurt and she was fine after that.


Once we were all done with the appointments, we stopped at a store called Aeon, which had basically everything! We grabbed a few grocery items and then headed back to our hotel.

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We went to bed early, like we do every night, lol! I swear none of us can stay up past 8:30pm. We wake up between 4-5am, so I guess that is why!

It was definitely a better day!

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