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China – Day 3


We both kind of had a rough night of sleep, we got moving around 7:30am. We made some coffee and oatmeal in our hotel room, it was nice to eat something warm! We then packed up and headed down to the lobby to wait for a shuttle to the airport. It was so fun to see that it was snowing just a little when we left Beijing!

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See those bags, you can’t buy eye bags that good, these were earned ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Lobby of our hotel was gorgeous! As is almost everything we’ve seen in China so far!


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We were both really looking forward to getting into Changsha and rearranging our bags! These heavy backpacks are for the birds, man! My shoulders feel bruised! ๐Ÿ™

We did finally make it to the airport, got our boarding passes, made it through security and even had a little time to spare! The airport wasn’t too hard to navigate, we did have a moment of panic when we discovered Ashleigh left her wallet at the ticket counter. Thank goodness it was still there when we went back!

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This was our plane, ready to take us to Changsha!


We got settled on our flight, it was a huge plane and wasn’t nearly full! They allowed NO electronics what so ever, so we played Phase 10 ๐Ÿ™‚ Then, they brought us a hot meal!!! No airline in the US does that free of charge! The chicken and rice really hit the spot, our energy was renewed!


Once we landed in Changsha, we made our way down to the baggage claim and found our bags. We realized then, that we were the only white people anywhere to be seen. And that hasn’t changed so far. I saw a middle eastern man on the elevator, but otherwise, everyone we’ve seen has been Asian. Many people stare at us, I don’t mind really. You can see that they are curious. They have all been kind and welcoming to us so far. We both are really loving our time here!


Anyway, our guide picked us up and drove us to our hotel about an hour from the Airport. The drive was nice, we got to see some farms and then the hustle and bustle of the city! They building here are SO TALL, like nothing I’ve ever seen! From what I can tell, most of them are apartments. Changsha has a population of 7 million!!! No wonder the traffic is so crazy here! (Still nothing compared to African traffic)


Once we checked in to our hotel, our guide helped us cross the street (run and pray you don’t get hit) to the market! We grabbed some snacks for Rosie, noodles for us and bottled water. Ashleigh got cabbage leaves, the guide thought she was nuts ( nursing moms know what these were for )


Our guide and I walking around the market!


We also hit up the Starbucks before heading back to our hotel! Ash and I are trying hard to reset our internal clocks. This jet lag stuff is HARD!!! I feel sleepy ALL.THE.TIME.


We went down and exchanged some money, we will need to exchange more tomorrow to pay the fees in province. I really like Chinese money, it’s quite pretty, I must remember to bring some home too!

IMG_6613 IMG_6615

More pictures of the lobby…. just stunning!!!!


My only complaint about our room is the bathroom. There is a HUGE mirror in the shower…. ummmm no thank you! I don’t need to see all that while I shower! LOL!

IMG_6622 IMG_6625 IMG_6630

Another busy and awesome day in the books! We have everything ready to go for the morning, we will meet the guide at 9:45am to head to the civil affairs office to pick up Rosie! I can’t believe it’s finally here, the day I’ve waited 8 months for! I’ve been told by Orphanage staff that she is ready for me too, I’m not sure exactly what that means, but hopefully she’ll do okay tomorrow. Her whole world is changing, please keep praying for her!

That’s all for now folks….. Tomorrow is ROSIE DAY!



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    December 30, 2015 at 2:44 am

    Hey, Angela! I am a new reader here and I am very inspired by your journeys in adoption. The videos and posts I have seen so far are very well done and I love how genuine they are. Have you ever read/heard of the blog called “Under the Sycamore”? I love reading Ashley’s updates there, and I see a lot of similarities in your two blogs. I know I love coming across new bloggers, so I thought I might share this one with you in case you happen to love it too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck for the rest of your time in China, and for when you return home!!

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