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Holiday Outfit Idea!

When I came downstairs dressed and ready for family pictures, I was told by my kids that I looked like a “Banker lady” and my husband said I looked like a “sexy Circus ringleader”

So, if that’s the look you’re going for too, then I’m here to share all my outfit details with you 🙂

I wish I had more than one photo to show you, but these pictures were super last minute and we really just needed one good family photo for a very exciting article coming out soon! (more on that later)

One of the things I’ve linked is a SPANX tank, y’all it is a MUST HAVE!!!! Sucks you in and smooths you out in all right places! (I’ll take 3 please!)

My necklace is another must have, it’s so pretty in person and it’s really versatile! You can wear it with a more dressed up look, like I’ve done here. Or, you can rock it with some boyfriend jeans and a loose fitting white t-shirt.


These jeans from Old Navy have an elastic waist band (all the praise hands) and are really comfy and soft! I have them in black and the cut hem jean ones, they are just SO GOOD!!!

You might be asking yourself if this post is sponsored by Old Navy, and I promise, it’s not! But ALL The kids clothes are from there! It just worked out so perfectly and was kind on the wallet 🙂

(how flippin’ cute is Noah’s toothless little grin?!?!?)

I hear babies crying so it’s time to run! Stay tuned this weeks, as I’ll be sharing my Postpartum must have items and also a tour of my Vanity / current makeup collection!

Merry Christmas y’all!



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What’s in my TWELVElittle Diaper Bag & A Cute Top for Fall!


It’s officially fall y’all! That time of year where we bust out all the leggings, sweaters and cute scarves. Unless you live in the south of course. It’s still hitting 90 degrees here some days. UGH!!! I have been on the hunt for cute clothes that look fall-ish, but won’t make me sweat to death either. This outfit totally fits the bill!

I also have the added layer of trying to dress this postpartum body. The struggle is REAL. I’m 6 weeks post babies, and nowhere close to my pre-pregnancy size. This top is great because it’s flattering to the areas I want to hide and long enough to cover the bum, so I can wear it with my leggings. They happen to be basically the only pants I can wear right now (cough, cough)

The top comes in 24 colors and I am wearing a medium. ( I’m 5’8″ for size reference)

Wanna know the crazy part? It’s from AMAZON!!! I’ve just started dipping my toe into the waters of Amazon clothes shopping, and if this top is any indication, the water is just fine…come on in 🙂

Alright, now we can jump into this killer diaper bag I found! It’s the Carry Love tote bag by TWELVElittle. You can see my full video review of the bag below, but here are some up close shots of inside and a peek at what I like to carry in my bag.

You may need less or more items than me, mine is packed for my twin 2 month old daughters. My other kids are all old enough that I really don’t need to pack much of anything for them.


And here is a look at what I carry in my little “mommy” bag as well… some days I wish I could fit a bottle of wine in there 😉 Just sayin’….


It’s all pretty basic stuff; over the almost 11 years I’ve been a mom, I think I’ve figured out what I really need to carry and what is just weighing down my bag. Hoepfully you found this helpful, especially you new mama’s who may be trying to fit your whole nursery into your bag 🙂 But like I always say, you do YOU! If you want to pack everything but the dog in your bag, do it. Unless you ask me to carry it for you 😉

You can shop everything in this post via the links above! I hope y’all enjoyed this peek into my diaper bag, and you can totally thank me later about this top. It’s the bees knees.