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Holiday Outfit Idea!

When I came downstairs dressed and ready for family pictures, I was told by my kids that I looked like a “Banker lady” and my husband said I looked like a “sexy Circus ringleader”

So, if that’s the look you’re going for too, then I’m here to share all my outfit details with you 🙂

I wish I had more than one photo to show you, but these pictures were super last minute and we really just needed one good family photo for a very exciting article coming out soon! (more on that later)

One of the things I’ve linked is a SPANX tank, y’all it is a MUST HAVE!!!! Sucks you in and smooths you out in all right places! (I’ll take 3 please!)

My necklace is another must have, it’s so pretty in person and it’s really versatile! You can wear it with a more dressed up look, like I’ve done here. Or, you can rock it with some boyfriend jeans and a loose fitting white t-shirt.


These jeans from Old Navy have an elastic waist band (all the praise hands) and are really comfy and soft! I have them in black and the cut hem jean ones, they are just SO GOOD!!!

You might be asking yourself if this post is sponsored by Old Navy, and I promise, it’s not! But ALL The kids clothes are from there! It just worked out so perfectly and was kind on the wallet 🙂

(how flippin’ cute is Noah’s toothless little grin?!?!?)

I hear babies crying so it’s time to run! Stay tuned this weeks, as I’ll be sharing my Postpartum must have items and also a tour of my Vanity / current makeup collection!

Merry Christmas y’all!